Each year a new set of resolutions. Am I going to make or break them? It's hard to say but it will be fun being honest about the wins and losses.


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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Marathon Win...The Marathon Loss.

The alarm goes off at 6:00am and my first thought is "What did I get myself into?!" I know I've trained for months, drank tons of water, ate a massive plate of pasta the night before and got plenty of sleep, yet, a quick moment of fear passes over me. 7:00am Jill comes over and I feel a bit more calm. We eat some candy and then get dropped off at the race. 8:00am the race starts, music playing, ear buds in and we're off. Don't worry, I won't give the moment to moment recap but I will say we finished the race at 10:22am. A time of 2 hours, 20 minutes and 35 seconds.  Our goal had been to finish the race, running or walking and we made it running the whole way. We were very happy with this. It was so cool to run the last lap in Lambeau Field. When we crossed the finish line, I actually shed a fear tears.  It's been months of training and hard work and it was something I was never sure I'd be able to do. As cheesy as this may sound, crossing the finish line meant more than just finishing a race for me. It was a reminder that goals and dreams can be accomplished. 
Marathon Win

The other part of the story is that I was able to lose the 30lbs that had been my goal while training. I actually lost a total of 37lbs. It is so hard to lose weight. For everyone who is working on this, I commend you. It has been a long hard road that I will continue on. My super great friends have encouraged me to post my before and after, so I will take their advice.  As I emotionally conclude this resolution, I find myself ready to tackle the other areas of my life that need some focus. 
Marathon Loss

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Forward Progress...

I thought it was about time for a little update on the goals.  I never really did share any of my other goals for 2014 and I haven't given any details about the progress on my previous goal.  So, for the previous goal of running and training for the half marathon, here's where I'm at:  I have signed up for the Cellcom, in Green Bay, at the end of May. I have been training since my last article. I was completely unaware of how fast the race booked up and found out they were sold out way back in February. Thankfully there are friends, and Craig's List and I was able to secure a spot in the race.
One of the many benefits of training for the marathon is that I've been able to lose 25lbs. Mostly through a beginners half marathon training schedule and also a low carb diet. My sister introduced me to this amazing workout in Howard called Bod-e Bootcamp. Wow!!! It's all about muscle confusion and some pretty intense workouts. I absolutely loved it! I went for a week and even in that short amount of time, I was able to see some amazing changes in my body and also with my endurance. The Monday after the week at Bod-e, I ran on the treadmill. My pace significantly increased. My plan is to sign up for Bod-e for the summer. Though the race is yet to come, I feel good about my accomplishments thus far.
Ok- Resolution #2-Break Free from my constant need of validation and approval.
At one point, I thought I had it beat. Truth be told, I don't. I know we all need relationships and each other. It's not that. It goes beyond what is a God given desire for relationship in all of us. I kind of freak if a relationship doesn't translate. I feel like it is the one area that I'm generally decent at. Being a friend, loving with all my heart, caring about others before myself. These are all traits that I sincerely feel and have. BUT if something goes wrong, somebody doesn't feel it, like me, or is not having the friendship, I start to do whatever it takes to manipulate or make that relationship work. Which then is no longer selfless and becomes selfish.  So, how do I "break free". Well I know I need to place God above everything in my life and that's not happening. I also read somewhere that you can only "break free" if you want to. Your prayer sometimes needs to be "help my want to". Then I know I need to surround myself with the people that really truly and honestly love me and want the best for me. This goal, I'm working on.  The progress is much slower. So "God, please help my want to."

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Looking forward and not back.

My first thought when deciding what to write for my first blog of 2014, was to recap last years goals and group them into successes and failures. You know the popular phrase: "Think about how far you have gotten.  Not about how far you still have to go." That sounds so good and yet the the message of a new year, tells us that we are NOT supposed to think this way.  It's message really tells us to look forward by making resolutions, goals and life changes. To "keep your eye on the prize." To take your vision and dreams, making them attainable goals. And so, I will look forward not back. No recaps, no funny failure stories, only the new year, new beginnings and new resolutions.
With that I present my first goal of 2014:  1.  Run a half marathon. - My friend Jill and I were hoping to run a marathon in Florida this year. The race was already booked by the time we tried to sign up.  It has now become a goal of ours for the new year. So I am still going to get myself in shape and train to run a half marathon.  My first course of action is to sign up for a membership at Planet Fitness. Today is the day. I'm printing off a training schedule, signing up and knocking off day 1. In the process I am hoping to lose about 30lbs by the end of the year.  A pretty ambitious goal I know. I know I will need to stay motivated because as I've shared in previous articles, my personality tends to be all in or all out. I think if you could see my house you would laugh. I post up quotes, pictures, motto's, anything to keep me motivated. I hang them on the fridge, mirror, doors, or anyplace I can find and then end up frantically taking all of it down when I have people come to the house.  So I must conclude my first blog of the year: to look forward, to look ahead to the fit person I want to be, and also because it's time for me to hang up some more inspiration.