Each year a new set of resolutions. Am I going to make or break them? It's hard to say but it will be fun being honest about the wins and losses.


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Camp Daniel!

Resolution #2- Get involved as much as I can with Camp Daniel and the booster club.
Camp Daniel is a camp for people with disabilities. It's a place where people with disabilities can spend a week of fun and get to hear the message that God loves them and has amazing plans for their lives. Everyone who goes to Camp has their lives changed. It's an incredible place. Right now Camp is being held at Lake Helen until the grounds at Camp Daniel are completed. Money needs to be raised in order for that to happen. That is how the booster club was formed. Tony has asked me to be in charge and we've had two successful banquets. This year I'm able to go to a couple days, each of the 4 weeks of camp to get others involved. I will be there the entire 4th week. This morning I head to one of my favorite places in the world. 

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