Each year a new set of resolutions. Am I going to make or break them? It's hard to say but it will be fun being honest about the wins and losses.


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Thursday, July 11, 2013

I've Sorely Overestimated My Ability...

One thing I have learned these last 7 months is that I've sorely overestimated my ability to 'press on'.

Resolution #3- Lighten up, Press On, Let it go, No Worries, I've got this. - Yeah, something like that.  I had a catchy phrase at one point and can't remember it.  I'm staring at the book I bought two months ago, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff", and that's the only phrase that comes to my mind now.  So let's address that.  The book... haven't even read one line.  Skimming through it though, leads me to believe it will be perfect for me.

You know how some people just have self destructive tendencies.  Yes, I'm one of them.  I'm Jane from the movie '27 Dresses'.  I have a hard time saying no to people.  I want to please everyone and will go to any lengths possible to do so.  Usually to my own detriment. I love people and I love to make them happy but I'm constantly concerned I'm not doing enough or I'm doing too much or...you get the picture.  Cue the anxiety right?!  I've resolved this year to not get so worried and to free my mind from all of that clutter.  How you say???  Oh I don't know, read the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff", go for a run when anxiety starts to kick in, take St. Johns Wart. Oh yeah, I could pray.  At this point I've done so few of these that I really need to be honest and say this resolution is failing fast. I'm finding that this one, is going to be difficult to tackle and yet it is the one that I need to be free from the most.  I feel at times that I don't have what it takes to be able to let things go or let go of the need to make everyone happy. Thankfully I'm surrounded by friends that do not take advantage of me and prefer that I have healthier response than my current one.  They are able to encourage me, that relationships never last with conditions.  Anyone who has conditions, will never be satisfied with what I have to offer them.  Well keeping with the '27 Dresses' theme, learning that I'm so flawed and I'm not who I should be, makes me feel like my favorite quote from the movie. "It's like finding out your favorite love song was written about a sandwich." :)




  1. As Grandpa Erickson used to say: "I'm not the man I need or want to be, but thank God, I'm not the man I used to be." God is doing a great work in your life and the best is yet to come. I love you.

  2. Its "Dont sweat the small stuff and dont pet the sweaty stuff" -some preacher at youth camp.... Good bloggin, chica

  3. Hey, you are SPARTICUS!!! I come from a more than you can imagine legalistic denomination, even more than the AG thing. Trust your instincts. Do what you can, leave the rest in Gods more than capable hands. Youll know when its time to "step it up." Good rule of thumb: husband &kids are your FIRST ministry!!! Yeah. Read it again, hermanita. YOU ARE SPARTICUS!!!

  4. Wow!!! Thanks! That gives me so much encouragement!